Event driven programming with the reactor pattern

Posted on Sat 22 October 2016 in Programming • Tagged with tutorial, linux, software architecture

I want to show in this article an example of bad practice and give an elegant solution with the reactor pattern that helped me and my team writing more efficient code.

If you use frameworks like QT, SDL, Java Swing, gtklib, ... this article will give you a rough idea about …

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Linux Music Studio

Posted on Sat 20 August 2016 in Music • Tagged with music, linux, tutorial

When starting playing music with Linux, it might look scary and very complicated due to this jungle of softwares available and you can waste a lot of time until you find the setup that fits you the most.

This guide will try to help you having a basic setup to …

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printf("Hello World\n");

Posted on Fri 19 August 2016 in News • Tagged with none

This is my brand new blog where I want to write and speak about nerdy stuff such as video games, technology, let's say GNU/Linux softwares more precisly and life in general.

I hope you will enjoy it, happy surfing!

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