I'm Guy Morand, aka R4nd0m 6uy I grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland but live in Winterthur.


I do some system/software architecture and write applications in C/C++. I also take care of the Linux BSP and tweak a bit the Linux kernel

More details about my profesional background can be found in my curriculum vitae


Of course, my job is one of the hobby that takes most of my time but I also do other things.


When the weather permits, I go out and go down the hill with my skateboards. I have few at home but my favorite is a Penny alike that is made from wood.

Video games

I like playing video games with a strong emphasis on retro gaming.


I wish I could call myself a musician but I mostly play for fun and to relax. I learned keyboard when I was young and play with the old keyboards I got from my father who is a real pianist.

I'm very glad to have some treasures like his old Fender Rhodes and his Yamaha DX-7. Unfortunately they don't work as if they were brand new but I'm planning to fix that issue soon or later!


When well deserved, I enjoy drinking nicely chosen beer, my favorites are the Belgium one, especially abbaye and dark beers. I sometime brew beer myself.

Spoken languages

My mother tongue is French but I can understand and speak a bit of English and a bit less of German.

That's why you might see some mistakes or sentences that look gramatically weird. In that case, do not hesitate to contact me, so I can learn and fix them!


You can reach me at [blog] [at] [r4nd0m6uy] [dot] [ch]