The quest to the perfect Makefile

Posted on Wed 17 October 2018 in Programming • Tagged with tutorial, make, unit test

I have been using cmake for a while because I think writing good Makefile is a very tricky task. Unfortunately, cmake is not always available and writing a Makefile is the only solution. I decided to spend some time on writing a small Makefile structure that I could use for …

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Interrupt driven user space application with the uio driver

Posted on Thu 07 September 2017 in Programming • Tagged with linux, tutorial

I would like to present here a simple solution to write an interrupt driven user space application with the help of the generic user IO kernel driver. It permits sharing a part of the memory to the user space and catch a given interrupt without the need of programming a …

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CMake and CppUTest

Posted on Tue 21 February 2017 in Programming • Tagged with unit test, tutorial, cmake

When implementing a new feature or fixing bugs, I like having a quick feedback to make sure that my changes didn't break the code. This is why I usually write unit tests and execute them during the build process. In this article I want to give some pointers to make …

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Event driven programming with the reactor pattern

Posted on Sat 22 October 2016 in Programming • Tagged with tutorial, linux, software architecture

I want to show in this article an example of bad practice and give an elegant solution with the reactor pattern that helped me and my team writing more efficient code.

If you use frameworks like QT, SDL, Java Swing, gtklib, ... this article will give you a rough idea about …

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