My first Yocto layer

Posted on Tue 27 November 2018 in BSP • Tagged with linux, tutorial, yocto

Now that we have built a first bootable image with Yocto we can start customizing it. I will demonstrate how to create a simple layer to add a first custom library and an application depending on it, that should cover most of typical the use cases and should give you …

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My first Yocto target

Posted on Wed 21 November 2018 in BSP • Tagged with linux, tutorial, yocto

Due to its flexibility, Yocto might seem a bit complex the first time we use it and can be very scary. In this article I would like to demonstrate the basic usage of this wonderful build system by building a first image for your specific target, that is the first …

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Yocto, Buildroot & Co.

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in BSP • Tagged with yocto, buildroot, bsp

Here are the slides about the talk I gave during the 11th Fribourg Linux Seminar. I wanted to explain the different philosophies behing the two major build systems available in the comunity.

Maybe my opinion was a bit flawed as I haven't used buildroot for few years and I know …

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